It’s been a couple of years now since blues-funk-rock power trio Bad Notion formed in
2013 to bring together three exceptional young talents:
Rok Skoliber on the drums, who’s one of those musicians that have the groove running
through their veins. Excelling both at percussive rhythms with brute force as well as
sophisticated delicateness, his impeccable timing lays down the foundation for a power
house of a rhythm section, complemented by Žiga Korenčič on the bass. Somehow, with
inspiration and his god given talent, this man spews out punchy, tight, funky or exuberantly
smooth heavy-blues bass lines at one moment and then breaks into incredibly soulful bass
solo on the next. You can see it on his face – he’s really feeling it!
Last but certainly not least is Grega Smola Crnkovič on the guitar and vocal. The front-
man and the mastermind behind Bad Notion is a genuine guitar virtuoso. Every note that
rings out from his guitar seems to be infused with sincere emotion. Speed and technique
are used as punctuation, as every guitar solo manages to tell a story. And the timbre of
his voice? Let’s just say paying attention to lyrics is a true delight.
The chemistry between the band members sparked things off right from the word get-go,
as they drew upon their mutual musical influences to create their own distinctive style and
what can only be regarded as a signature, immediately recognizable sound.
Clearly influenced by the finest blues-rock artists like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff
Beck, Michael Landau, there are moments reminiscent of James Brown as well and even
Carlos Santana, Jaco Pastorius etc. But here, put together as Bad Notion, it somehow all
sounds fresh.
Years gone by have given the band ample time to develop its skills as a tight and dynamic
entity, that truly makes its music come alive. Producing original material of the highest
quality to go with the elaborate set of covers of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robben Ford, Gov’t
Mule and countless others, there really wasn’t much else to do, but to take the show on the
The live situation is where Bad Notion clearly flourishes. They consider themselves to be a
jam band, so they kept the arrangements loose enough to always keep things interesting.
Thanks to inventive soloing and the sheer energy each player brings to the performance,
they are able to take the audience on a musical journey that is out of this world! And still
they will go back time and time again to revisit their back catalog, throw in a sure-fire
crowd pleaser and make sure to deliver a punchy and satisfying set of tunes every time.
What makes their performances so memorable is the ability to play soulful, funky and hard
hitting blues that will rock the crowds, while at the same time satisfy even the most
demanding music enthusiast.
From small to big and everything in between this hidden gem is leaving their mark on
venues all around. There’s a nostalgic “golden era of rock’n’roll” feel to their music, but
make no mistake, Bad Notion is something refreshingly new and exciting! There’s that
certain something of an international calibre to them. No wonder they are quickly
becoming one of Slovenia’s hottest and most intriguing concert acts.
The band is currently brewing their debut EP, which will take over your senses by storm in
fall 2019.
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